Antioch Foot & Ankle Group Keynote Speakers At ILA Local 1414 Retiree Luncheon

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Antioch Foot & Ankle Group Keynote Speakers

At ILA Local 1414 Retiree Luncheon


Left to right: Willie Morris, President ILA Local 1414 Retirees Association, Jacqueline Tomlin, Director Marketing and Promotions, Antioch Foot & Ankle Group, Willie Seymore, International Vice President ILA, Dr. Kristian Jeffress DPM Antioch Foot & Ankle Group and Tommie Stokes, President ILA Local 1414.


Savannah, Georgia, April 26, 2014 – Dr. Kristian Jeffress, DPM and Ms. Jacqueline Tomlin, Director of Marketing and Promotions at Antioch Foot & Ankle Group had the honor of giving the keynote address at the Annual ILA Local 1414 Retiree’s Luncheon on Saturday, April 26th at the ILA Union Hall located at 221 N.E. Lathrop.

The entire staff of Antioch Foot & Ankle Group was on hand to honor the retirees and to disseminate educational information about diabetes and the services offered at Antioch.  Ms. Tomlin began by thanking the group on behalf of Antioch Foot & Ankle Group Founder and President, Dr. Jim Dandy, as the Antioch staff presented each ILA member and their guest with a commemorative coffee mug with the ILA Local 1414 logo and date of the luncheon. Ms. Tomlin talked about the care of diabetic patients being personal at Antioch. She spoke about her mother being diabetic, Dr. Dandy’s struggle with diabetes and the fact that his siblings and  other relatives had died with complications of diabetes.  Dr. Jeffress talked about her father being diabetic and how the care of diabetic patients was personal for her, as well.

According to Ms. Tomlin, Antioch’s mission is  to educate the public on how to live with diabetes and to offer the best patient care in Savannah and the low country.  Willie Seymore, International Vice President of ILA and Willie Morris, President of Local 1414 Retirees Association, echoed Ms. Tomlin’s comments. They urged every ILA member to seek the medical attention that they deserve.  “You have the best insurance in the country, said Mr. Seymore, use it!” Ms. Tomlin talked about all of the services that Antioch offers beginning with a comforting foot bath in the hydrotherapy room and skilled care by trained Medical Assistants and the best, most caring podiatrist in Savannah, Dr. Kristian Jeffress.

From corns and calluses to ingrown toenails, she believes that Antioch is the best. She told the group that Antioch is a “one stop shop” from shoes to soothing foot care products and a beautiful office setting; Antioch is the place to go for the care of your feet.  She ended by telling the ILA members that “If you are diabetic and in need of specialized foot care, let the Foot and Ankle Specialist at Antioch, Dr. Kristian Jeffress, and the Antioch Team be a “Blessing To Your Feet”.

Antioch Foot & Ankle Group is located at 9104 Middleground Road, Suite 2, Savannah, GA.  Call the office at 912-927-8011 and visit their website at

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