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Dr. Dandy

Talkin “Sugar” with Dandy

Coming to Savannah Soon!

Talkin “Sugar” with Dandy is sponsored by Antioch Foot & Ankle Group as a free service to its patients and the community. Talkin “Sugar” with Dandy will be an hour long, informal session, in a relaxed atmosphere, where discussions can take place, and educational information can be shared about diabetes. Dr. Ronald Dandy, Ophthalmologist, Dr. Regina Dandy, Family Medicine, and Dr. Kristian Jeffress, Podiatrist at Antioch will speak at different sessions regarding diabetes from their medical perspective.

Dr. Jim Dandy, President and CEO of Antioch Foot & Ankle Group is diabetic. He knows, first hand, the devastating affect that diabetes can have on a person and their family. He has lost a number of his family members to complications associated with diabetes and has seen how devastating the loss of limbs is for family members. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, toe, foot and leg amputations. Dr. Dandy and the Antioch Team are committed to reducing the number of amputations associated with diabetes. Talkin “Sugar” With Dandy is another step he is taking, to promote health and wellness for persons with diabetes and their families.

The first session will be held Thursday, January 22nd from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. at Antioch Foot & Ankle Group, 9104 Middleground Road, Suite 2. Talkin “Sugar” with Dandy will raise awareness about diabetes in Savannah and the low country and educate patients and the community about diet, exercise, complications associated with diabetes and how family members are affected. Talkin “Sugar” With Dandy is a FREE service. Space is limited. Please call the office at 912-927-8011 and REGISTER TODAY!!! Talkin “Sugar With Dandy will change your attitude about diabetes.

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